NVQ Courses

NVQ Courses

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) eligibility based award that can be acquired through training and careful assessment from a recognized or accredited body.

Applicants must be competent in their chosen field and must have high competitive standard of performance. Candidates have to be presently employed, part time or full time, in some cases even when they are at school. NVQ courses are offered through apprenticeship, at work or at school (part time). No specified time is needed to complete NVQ courses and the candidate can work on his or her own pace. Depending on their availability a candidate can complete one level from six months to a year. Some level two NVQ courses can take 12 months to 24 months to complete.
Candidates can have a level 1 to level 5 certification (based on the National Qualifications Framework), this is dependent on the subject or course that they are taking. Level one NVQ courses cover routinary and predictable activities and the Level 5 NVQ courses may cover decisive management skills. NVQ Courses taken must reflect on the kind of job a person is currently involved with. Each candidate must provide proof to the assessor that their responsibility meets national standards. They will be observed and interviews and questions may be raised.

What Types of NVQ Courses Are There?

Across the United Kingdom some NVQ courses are been funded by the government. You can avail yourself of free NVQ Courses from level 1, 2 or 3. Health and social care, hairdressing, beauty therapy, plumbing, business administration, teaching assistance, electrical, and management are just few of the NVQ courses offered by recognized institutes.

What are the benefits of NVQ Courses?

Confidence and efficiency in the workplace is stressed and gained by every candidate. While they are learning candidates also earn from the company that you are working for. No need to quit a job just to get your education. They get actual support from professionals. They provide them with information and guidance to further enhance their performance and the candidate also gets an in depth understanding of new ideas and skills that may be needed in the workplace. They also get recognized qualification to support your documents.
Employers can also benefit from their employees under the specified course. It raises its standards by addressing its quality for products and services. This also gives them better recruitment opportunities to identify and improve the performance of its staff.
The process of evaluation is based on competency and knowledge in the workplace. Training and assessment are task based and a portfolio of the candidate will be collected (such as interviews, tape recordings, photographs, observations or reports) and presented. This will document and provide the body with information about your performance and familiarity at work.
If a candidate needs to enhance or add a skill, or seek better opportunities or promotion in your workplace, the National Vocational Qualification is a good opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Should a candidate enrol in NVQ Courses , they must coordinate with their employer, school or recognized government office..